2015 Barton County Fair
Schedule of Events

Pre-Fair Events 

Sunday, June 28

8 - 8:30 AM 4-H Dog Show Registration  (Expo III)

8:30 AM      4-H Dog Show & Agility (Expo III)

Wednesday, July 01

8:30 AM   4-H Clothing, Fiber Arts & Fashion Revue

                  Judging, 4-H Banners 

                  (Trinity Lutheran Church)

7:00 PM    Public Fashion Revue (Crest Theater)

Monday, July 6

5:00 PM Set up Expo Grounds and Buildings

                              Helpers picnic after Set up                                                    
Last Minute Preparation to get your Projects and  Entries ready for display!

Wednesday, July 8

8:00 AM-12  Check in all exhibits

                      (Except perishables)

                      4-H & Open Class

8:30 AM        Judging of 4-H Foods

                      4-H Foods Sale after judging

10:30 AM     4-H Arts & Crafts judging

12:00 PM     Cloverbuds & 4-H Banner judging (Expo II)

1:00 PM       Barton Co. Fair Ag Challenge of  Champions   (Expo II)

      Livestock Skillathon Contest (Expo III)

2:00 PM        4-H Rabbit Show (Expo III)

5:00-10 PM  Commercial Exhibits Open

                      (Expo I)

6:00 PM       Wagner’s Carnival

6:00-7 PM    Late Check in of Open Class Exhibits

                          (Except Food, Crops & Horticulture)

6:00 PM    **Mandatory Livestock Meeting**  (Expo III)

6:30 PM      4-H Youth Rally (Expo III)

7:00 - 8 PM  Free Stage Entertainment (Expo II)

Thursday, July 9

7:30 AM      Business Appreciation Breakfast /

                              Chamber Coffee   (Expo II)
7:30-9:30 AM Check in Open Foods, Open &

               4-H Horticulture (Gardening & Flowers),

               Open & 4-H Crops

9:00 AM     4-H Swine Show

                          (Aaron's Repair Arena)

10:00 AM    Judging of Open Foods, Open &

                    4-H Horticulture (Gardening & Flowers)

                  Clothing, and  Quilts, Open Arts & Crafts (Expo II)

11:00 AM    Judging of Open Photography & Rocketry

1:00 PM      Judging of 4-H Project Display, Notebooks & Posters Photography, Reading, Home Environment, Self Determined, Wildlife, Rockerty, Energy Management, Entomology,  Geology and Forestry and Open & 4-H Crops (Expo II)

2:00 PM      Judging of Open & 4-H Woodworking; Judging of Open Ag Mechanics

                    (Expo II)

2:30 PM      4-H Livestock Judging    

5:00-10 PM   Commercial Exhibits Open (Expo I)

6:00 PM      4-H Bucket Calf Show (Expo III)

                   Dog Agility (Expo III)

                    4-H Horse Show (Outdoor Arena)

     Wagner’s Carnival         
6:00-8 PM   Free Stage Entertainment (Expo II)

8:00 PM       Christian Concert – KUTLESS

                      (Farmers Bank & Trust Stage)

Friday, July 10

7:30 AM      4-H Dairy Goat Show

                     (Aaron's Repair Arena)

9:00 AM      4-H Meat Goat Show

                     (Aaron’s Repair Arena)

11:00 AM    4-H Sheep Show

                     (Aaron's Repair Arena)

5:00 PM       4-H Beef Show

                     (Aaron's Repair Arena)

7:00 PM       Round Robin Practice

                     (Aaron’s Repair Arena)
5:00-10 PM Commercial Exhibits Open (Expo I)

6:00 PM       Wagner’s Carnival

6:30 PM       Fashion Show presented by Barton Co.  4-H - Free Stage (Expo II)

8:00 PM      Country Concert - GLORIANNA /w special guest STATELINE DRIVE

                      (Farmers Bank & Trust Stage)

Saturday, July 11              
9:00 AM Registration Mutton Bustin’ and Kids

                Ranch Rodeo (Aaron's Repair Arena)

9:30 AM  Mutton Bustin’ and Kids Ranch Rodeo  

                 (Aaron's Repair Arena)

                 4-H Hand pets (Expo II)

10:00 AM    The Bernard J Ohnmacht Memorial

                     Shepherd's Lead 

                     (Aaron's Repair Arena)

10:30 AM    Open Class Sheep Check-in

11:00 AM    Open Class Sheep Show

                     (Aaron’s Repair Arena)

12:00 - 10 PM Commercial Exhibits Open (Expo I)

12:00 Noon  Antique Tractor Pull Registration

1:30 PM       Antique Tractor Pull

                     (North of Expo III)

1:30 PM        Open Class Animal Costume Class                                        
                              (Aaron’s Repair Arena)

2:00 PM       Registration Kids Pedal Tractor Pull                                         
                              (Expo II)

2:30 PM       Kids Pedal Tractor Pull (Expo II)

                     Registration Adult Pedal Tractor Pull (Expo II)

                     Adult Pedal Tractor Pull Directly after the Kids (Expo II)

5:00 PM      Community Bank Watermelon Feed

                                (Commons Area)

5 - 6:30 PM  Open Class Swine Check-in  (Expo  III)

6:00 PM        ATV Rodeo (Outside Arena)

6:00 PM        Wagner’s Carnival

6 - 8:00 PM   Free Stage (Expo II)

7:00 PM        Gary Ewing Memorial Open Class Swine Show (Aaron’s Repair Arena)

8:00 PM        Rock Tribute Concert  -

                  KILLER QUEEN Tribute to Queen & LANDSLIDE Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

                       (Farmers Bank & Trust Stage)

Sunday, July 1

8:30 AM      Sunrise Services


                    Sponsored by 4-H Council

                       (Free Stage)

                    Sunrise Breakfast after service

                       Sponsored by 4-H Holding Board

9:30 AM      4-H Small Animal Round Robin

                       (Aaron's Repair Arena)

10:30 AM    4-H Livestock Round Robin

                       Showmanship Contest

                       (Aaron's Repair Arena)

11:30 AM     4-H BBQ (Expo I)

                      (South of Expo III)

2:00 PM        4-H Showcase Awards

                       (Aaron's Repair Arena)

                       Farm Bureau Assn. Root Beer Float Social  (Expo III)

2:30 PM        Sale of Champions
                       (Aaron's Repair Arena)

4:00 PM        Buildings Closed for Check out preparations

4:30 PM        Check out Exhibits

Monday, July 13

All Day         Tear down and Storage

5:00 PM        Final Check Out of remaining

                     Exhibits and Clean up

*NOTE: The Barton County Fair is not responsible
for items not picked up at check out times.

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