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Meet our team of volunteers

Come share at the fair! Share ideas - energy - minds...
We accept or tolerate each other's personalities to be a part of a larger goal...
a kindred spirit ... family.
To be a part of something bigger than we can be by ourselves.     

Barton County Fair Association Executive Board

President                            Charles Atkinson

Vice President                  Frank Ochs
Secretary                            Harlan Davenport
Treasurer                             Kate Wary

Exec. Member                   Mike Carlson
Exec. Member                   Troy Miller
Exec. Member                   Kim Tutak

Board Members

Jim Bell                           Brian Bellendir                   
Loren Phillips                John Haberman                       
David LeRoy                 Aaron Maresch                
Gary Parr                       Kent Romine

Robert Roth                  Larry Teichmann         

Eddie Jurgenson        Dennis Trapp              

Devon Nelson              Jamie Johnson
Aaron Braddy              Jason Laurin


The Fair Friends are the group of volunteers responsible for all the wonderful decorations at the fair.

     Many people probably don't know that the

Theme Classes available each year
are thought up and organized by the Fair Friends.

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