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Agriculture is an important part of the Kansas Economy and our way of life.

Augmented Reality Posters

Presented by the International Association of Fairs & Expositions

Download the Fair Reality App for Apple devices first by clicking the image below.
Sorry, but not available on Android.

Click on the poster to view and watch them come to life!
Seed to Soap
Udder to Butter
Ride to Hide

4-H Alumni Testimonies

Over the course of the fair we hope to add more testimonies from past 4-Hers that are now in the Ag industry.

You may need to adjust the volume between videos. Thank you!

The following Associations and Organizations have developed these interesting videos that provide more in-depth information about agriculture in Kansas and abroad. Enjoy!

Kansas crops: Soybeans, corn, cotton, sunflower, sorghum, and wheat.

Kansas Soybean Commission


Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission


Kansas Wheat Commission


Learn about Kansas wheat farmers at these links:
Millershaski Farms

Jason Ochs

Justin Knopf


Kansas Corn Commission

“We Grow Corn!”

The “We Grow Corn! Raising Corn on a Kansas Family Farm” book is part of the Kansas Corn Commission’s Kansas Corn STEM education program. Find the book and resources here. 

There are also eight videos about growing corn and much more for you to explore. If you would like to read the book online click here.

Worksheets for elementary, middle and high school students. Worksheets


Kansas Food Connection

Pull up a chair and get to know the facts and folks behind your
food! We’ll introduce you to seasonal recipes, hot topics and the
people who know your food best — the ones who grow it!

This is a must see website full of information!

Kansas Pork

What do pigs eat? 

Inside a Kansas pig farm:  

Kansas bacon farmer: 

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